Pure magic and sensuality

Design icon and solitaire diamond ring with distinctive shape and effect. Almost floating, the diamond seems to be held in the ring. Highly polished mirror surfaces frame the centre stone.



Diamonds go Bohème

Diamond jewellery can also be casual, hip and edgy. Colortaire – a combination of the words ”colour“ and ”solitaire“ – is a unisex range that stylishly combines glamour, fashion and lifestyle, while maintaining the highest quality and manufacturing standards.



the ring that cannot be

A Paradoxal is a truly glamorous piece of jewellery that blurs the lines between reality and imagination. A dream of a piece of jewellery, fascinating and irritatingly beautiful at the same time, which casts a spell over every observer because he or she believes to see what actually cannot be: The whole ring seems to be held together only by diamonds. 



we celebrate 100 years jewellery culture

cultivated. thinking differently and acting courageously.

For 100 years, the SCHAFFRATH brand has stood for bold innovations and exceptional craftsmanship. To celebrate our 100th anniversary, we would like to thank all our partners who have accompanied and supported us over the past years. Without them, this journey would not have been possible. We are grateful for their support and look forward to breaking new ground together in the future.

Christian Schaffrath und Alexander Leuz


our world

and what drives us

Diamonds are among the most precious raw materials on earth. Diamonds are everlasting, they can fascinate - a true myth. Diamonds have occupied us since childhood. Those who occupy themselves intensively with a matter for a long time absorb it, perfect their handling of it and finally arrive at a playful way of dealing with it. We would like to take you on a journey - a journey into the diamond cosmos of SCHAFFRATH.


the grand opening

SCHAFFRATH Flagship Store at china world mall in Beijing

The SCHAFFRATH Flagship Store in the China World Mall in Beijing was officially opened with a festive ceremony attended by top managers, diplomats and artists. The store's interior is a perfect blend of modern and natural elements, highlighting our pursuit of craftsmanship and attention to detail. The ribbon cutting ceremony marks the beginning of a new chapter for SCHAFFRATH in China.


 magazines and catalogues

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Immerse yourself in the world of SCHAFFRATH. Into a magical and fabulous world where nothing is as it seems. Floating diamonds, endlessly turning rings, richly coloured diamonds and contrasting plain designs are waiting to be discovered by you.